Paper Roses
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Last June, my family decided to go out of our ways and celebrate because it's Father's Day and also because we're missing Tagaytay! We've been meaning to try out this restaurant that specters have been haunting because of its reputable food and and the whole ambiance of the place.

Hearing that the place possesses sheer beauty that dispels all thoughts, I decided to bring my A-game and smartened up my sartorial by wearing something that is equally nature-inspired, casual but with just the right amount of oomph in it.

At once, I thought floral. So I put on  a floral dress, floral ankle-straps, layered with a chambray button-down.

The dress was tweaked, actually. Originally it has puffed sleeves but I just couldn't stand them anymore so I cut them off and left me this sexy-fied version. For some reason,  whenever I buy floral-patterned pieces, the color combo is always  pink flowers on blue background. I guess I just really love these two hues. This inclination to this two colors are evident in my choice of shoes. As mentioned, blue background with mostly pink flowers on it.

Moreover, the shoes are just bipolar in the sense that although the floral pattern exudes tweenybopper chic, it kind of also gives off this mature edgy vibe because of the heel silhouette. Again, the tall heels also give the needed height and it just takes the style quotient of the whole look a notch higher.

The chambray shirt on the other hand is key to this very versatile outfit. If worn with the chambray cover-up, the whole get-up looks very casual perfect for picnics and weekend strolls in the park. If worn without it, the outfit transforms into something that could pass off as something smart casual, semi-formal even. And if there's one thing that fashionaires take into account in putting together an ensemble, it's its ability to transition organically from one rung to another in the fashion ladder. 

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Strawberry and Bubblegum
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Twice a year, Filipino fashion denizens flock over SMX just to witness glorious styles, fabricated to existence by famous designers, to be paraded in the runways. Last summer, I was one of the lucky winners of free tickets to this much awaited event.

Since this opportunity was achieved by sheer luck and thinking that this is possibly a rare occurrence, being the fashionaire that I am, the kind who wouldn't lift a finger looking less than fabulous, I decided to dress up for the occasion. There really isn't any dress code for the PHFashionWeek but it's better to be overdressed than under, because obviously. it's easier to downgrade an outfit than to upgrade it when the need arises.

So for my PHFW look, I donned on a mesh sweater of sorts, a ballerina skirt and pumps. Of course, I topped everything off with stylish accessories.

My whole idea for this look is to incorporate style and elegance. I wanted to look avant-garde at one end and at the other, just classically beautiful. I wanted to sport a sophisticated look that is given an old school romance kind of vibe.

For the top, I had on this somber toned, slightly sprinkled with shimmer, sweater. This I got from Forever21. Its boat neckline gave onlookers a peek of my collarbones which just functions well to compensate for its lack of print. The neckline just gave simplicity balanced with personality.

On the other hand, the bright-hued skirt gave the whole look the color it needs to break the somber monotony. The flowy silhouette made room for dapper quality through the unique flairs. Tucking in the top allowed for cinching the waist which give the rather blah top-skirt-combo an upgrade that's PHFW-worthy.

Moreover,  the shoes were just godsend. Being vertically challenged, I could use all the added height I could get. This 5 inch pumps gave me just that. In addition to that, I am confident that I was able to add class to my every step with the classy gold color, sparsely injected with a little bit of gold glitter.

Finally, I didn't forget to bring out the bling and turn up the kawaii with my trusty mint-colored bib necklace and feather cocktail ring!

In conclusion, I can say that I succeeded in putting together an outfit that made the nonchalant slouch of winterwear and the romantic class of kawaii silhouette meet.

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Princess of the Tribe
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My apologies for the long absence. I just got too caught up with the other loves of my life: my other blog, shopping, my org, cheerdance and biology. It just feels so good to actually make time tangible and to revel in sweet freedom and self-rule. I own myself right now, and I'm loving every bit of it.

The only problem is, although time is no longer a scarce resource, I have come to discover new things to do and so time still seemed to be perpetually inadequate. Thus, the reason behind my absence. The good news is, there isn't a huge pile of looks to review since my very hectic schedule in school and IB cheerdance team is making it impossible for me to do photo shoots. So, for today, I'll just review the remaining looks on LB that I haven't touched yet.

This first one is entitled Princess of the Tribe because it features a tribal-printed top which is, for me, the center of attention in this whole look. For the whole ensemble, I put together the said top injected with the subtle two-tone combination of blue and lavender paired with a pair of blue cutout bottoms and finished with  strappy sandals.

This is something I wore in Leyte last summer. Being that kind of girl who makes good use of the sun's less harmful rays, I wore this after a morning bath and to family breakfast. The sun felt really good on my skin. Good thing my outfit didn't pose an obstacle between the sun kissing my heliophilic skin.

If anything, this whole garb was the perfect summer uniform. The combination of a sleeveless top and short shorts do well for getting a tan and exacerbating any unevenness in color in the skin, well, if you're opting to avoid wearing just a bikini an showing off too much of your provocative and chiseled trajectory.

The top, which I bought from Forever 21 became a quick favorite because of its really catchy design. The cool colors, which are colors of the sea, looked very tempting indeed. The print is also just cute.Although not emphasized in this shot, this top is actually a crop top and would also work well as a cover up on a bathing suit. It's versatility wins it more points!

The simple shorts are obviously nondescript buts since the top is already a visual treat, I settled for a plain shorts. Besides, this simplicity is neutralized by the cut out detail in the hems.

Finally, the neutral colored strappy sandals worked well for the whole outfit. Exuding the laid back and comfort vibe, this pair really upped the ante for this look.

List of Items:

    FOREVER 21

    FOREVER 21

    , in FOREVER 21 TOPS

    JUST G

    , in SHORTS

    FOREVER 21

    FOREVER 21


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The Chronicles of Euphoria : The Fashion, The Bitch and The Wardrobe
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As the incessant rains of July remind me of how I can only enjoy so much of what’s left of summer and mark the dragging beginnings of another probably intoxicating school year, sales of all sorts mushrooming around the city signal that glorious event for fashion followers: The Mid-Year Sale and Clearance Sale. It’s two of those times in the year when, the mall, already a fashion paradise in its simplest sense, turns into a fashion mecca that offers those ready to take the pilgrimage, great deals and bargains.

Being that type who has a longstanding passion for fashion and a slight addiction to shopping, the idea of sales going on in malls just itched like a dry scab. And being that weird kid who takes pleasure in peeling off scabs, I determined to banish the itch by saving up my allowance and setting off the next week to experience first -hand the Mid-year madness in the malls and bag myself that pleasure I wanted.

Knowing that the malls at this time are probably much like the jungles, teeming with curious, adventurous and competitive shoppers ready to venture even the deepest recesses of the malls and to get dirty just to get that perfect pair of shoes or that purse on 50% discount, I opted to be properly equipped with an impressive arsenal of stamina, patience and moola all secured in my durable toolbox of a heart and the cutest handbag. In that place where natural selection probably applies, I knew that only the fittest will survive so I prepared for the threats and possibilities that will imperil my shopping experience.  Fortunately for me, nothing bad befell my fate.

As of now, it has been the 5th week that I’ve been shopping nonstop. And mind you, all those times in the mall were exhilarating. There are just times when retail therapy is the best, capable of banishing bad vibes, relieving stress and giving you that sweet placebo effect, the feeling of optimism. That, and the fact that I bagged myself a lot of great finds.

Here’s a run through of my trophies from my uber fun shopping marathon. (In chronological order)

Top, Penshoppe, Php699

This simply irresistible grunge shirt gave me no regrets when I bought it and it’s written all over it, literally. With the words ‘Guilt Free’ in bold font, this shirt just screams YOLO and is the perfect garb for those careless nights when all you want to do is liberate your inner wild spirit and perfect the 300 yard stare of inebriation. The cut out detail on the shoulders gives classic rocker an upgrade. Also, the material is soft and flowy so that although the cut isn’t that flattering, it falls freely and hugs the body at the right places to reveal a rather flattering body shape. The cut out detail and flowy silhouette combo gives the perfect chemistry of not showing off too much skin and just flaunting curves, the things you want when you’re out there doing the whole live fast, die young concept.
Set of rings, Forever 21, Php280 (no picture available at the moment)
Forever 21 once again does a great job in spearheading yet another trend that is the eyeliner-chick-look. It’s this shop that I saw first introduced to the mall goers the coming back of the dark era with a slight twist of pastel. So, to complement the grunge shirt from Penshoppe, I snagged these beauties to bring on the bling. I loved how this is a set of four rings that I can mix, match or wear all at once. Although these look rather edgy and grunge as well, probably emphasized by the serrate detail and the pyramid design of the rings, their almost neutral colors (gold and silver) subdue this effect and make room for versatility, probably in the sense that I can wear them with clothes other than the grunge and dark type.

Floral dresses (2), Cosmopolitan, The Ramp Crossings, Php890 (Buy 1, Take 1)

The rainy season will prove insignificant as I don these floral and very summery dresses and sport a carefree look despite quite gloom-inducing drizzles. These soft, 100% cotton, flowy one-pieces are sure to turn a day of lachrymose rainclouds into a day filled with a pocketful of sunshine. The one on the bottom will definitely succeed in warding away any bad vibes with the sartorial happiness it brings along with its bright blue floral pattern. Not any different, the one on the top is sure to brighten up any day with its neon effect. Whichever one I choose, I know that I will snag second glances with this head turners.

 Skater skirts (2), Shopaholic, SM Department Store, Php200 each

Skater girl or not, everyone is entitled to wear this hot new trend! Pretty much like cut out mullet skirts, the skater skirt is one of those comfortable skirts. By comfortable I mean, it relieves you of the duty of having to walk more carefully, meaning less freely, because this one isn’t tight around the thighs. The fun and very feminine silhouette is easy to match with basically any top and can still manage to give the whole look a level up. I was actually aiming for a plain black skirt but I couldn’t find one. I guess they just ran out. Fortunately, I wasn’t the uber finicky shopper who would stay in one boutique and just buy there. By this time, my wallet is pretty exhausted. So, when I couldn’t find anything affordable in Forever 21, I traversed the mall and set out in search for the skirt. Luckily for me, I found this happy place in the department store. Although I failed to find that perfect, versatile plain black skirt, I found myself these skirts in great colors and patterns. And they’re just Php200 each, as opposed to the Php450 worth of skirts from Forever 21. Although I’m pretty sure that the skirts from the latter are of better quality, I’d say that this pair is a great pastiche of the ones from F21. Plus, unlike other skater skirts that are too wide on the sides, these are sort of narrow and give the illusion of thinner thighs. Its length also allows for high-waist looks. Rich in color and pattern, these are great for pairing with plain tops when you want to go for a subdued yet striking look!

High waist cut out pants, Two Zero, The Ramp Crossings, Php625

Since this semester, I don’t have any more Chemistry classes that require me to wear PPEs (long pants, covered shoes and lab gown), I have been wearing a lot of shorts lately. And most times, I get bored with my really uninteresting pairs in my wardrobe. So, I decided to take a break from wearing nondescript shorts and bought this really cute pair. This pair of shorts is proof that it is sometimes better to not shop in boutiques and to opt for places like The Ramp Crossings and Pop Culture because they offer a hodgepodge of shops that are actually online shops, which in turn offer a wide array of textile products that are amazingly detailed but don’t make you expend your wallet. This pair from Two Zero, a great place by the way, is remarkable because it’s high waist, taking cues from the 80s fashion. The great Aztec design, cutout effect and ombre detail all work together in making these shorts and easy addition to my wardrobe. Great even if worn with a top I wouldn’t tuck in, this awesome pair gets an A++ for versatility.

Neon Crop Top, Forever 21, Php355

Ever since this trend came out, I’ve been dying to get myself one! The problem was, most of them available in Forever21 are rather too revealing for my taste, well for my folks’ taste actually, (I’d wear anything!). Most tops have this crisscross back part that reveals pretty much the whole back, which will probably just make it a hard addition to my huge pile of school clothes. Plus, that design will probably make it difficult to wear a bra inside, which is quite of a necessity for me. So, I was approaching Nirvana when I found this piece in one of the racks! Not only is it a safe design, but it’s also in neon pink! For the longest time, I’ve been avoiding brights since I’m sun-kissed but I just couldn’t resist this cute top! Plus, l when I tried it on, it looked pretty great on me! Wearing it made me look like I’ve been struck by strobe lights and they stayed on me. Now I will have no apprehensions when I wear this to school since my back is safe, plus, with it, I’ll be more than capable of turning a daily commute to my school’s faraway building, into a traffic stopping moment!

Lace Sweater, Forever 21, Php359, 50% off

More often than not, sales that say Up to 70% off!, disappoint me. It’s like the ones on the racks with these misleading signs are just custom-made for the sale, they’re hideous! Most of them, I’ve never actually seen before the sale, which defeats the whole purpose of the sale since its essence is to put on sale, the ones that have been lying around in the shops for so long because they’re too expensive. Well, that’s most times. Luckily, reliable shops like F21 are there to pick me up on disappointing sale shopping days. F21 put on racks things that I’ve long been eyeing and they were on huge discounts! This sweater is one of them! I remember wanting to buy it since Christmas vacay and now I was able to.I know it’s a great find because it’s white, easy to pair with anything, plus it’s cuddle season now, and because I’m a lace fan. Although its’ obviously designed for cold weathers, the material used was thin cotton which I think is perfect so even if it’s not cold anymore, it wouldn’t be hard to wear since it’s breezy. And since it’s really easy to pair with whatever, it can transition organically from casual when paired with denim material, to semi-formal (or formal) when worn with the perfect corporate-looking skirt!

Arrow necklace, Forever 21, Php105

I’m not sure when it started but I’m officially a necklace-junkie now. Before, I used to purchase those long chain necklaces with overly dramatic pendants but now, I’m into regular necklaces that flaunt witty and unique pendants. This arrow necklace sure caught my attention! Its somber tone and both Goth and Aztec feel just made it so tempting! I love how it’s not just a flat pendant but it’s 3 dimensional! I tried wearing it with one other necklace and it worked well, its neutral color makes it easy to pair with other accessories. With its witty and unique design, this necklace can be the statement piece of any outfit.

Oui necklace, Forever 21, Php160

Having enough with the Goth&&grunge look, I bought this cute necklace with a Oui pendant. See, I do have this penchant for pendants! While paying for it, all I had in mind is how this necklace will not only succeed in bringing the bling but also in turning up the kawaii. This is just cute beyond words! Being an owner of other gold accessories, this minimalist but obviously remarkable piece of jewelry is great with pairing with other gold accessories, which won’t give you worries on over accessorizing since it’s just simple! Really a great new member of my jewelry box!

Lightning earrings, Forever 21, Php105 (no picture available at the moment)
Okay, so maybe, I’m not just a necklace-junkie! Maybe I’m just really into accessories! So, I also bought myself a pair of earrings. Since I already got myself enough of the too feminine ones, I opted to buy this cute edgy pair! Reminding me of the superhero Flash, this necklace has this feel of giving you not just fashion benefits but superpowers: the super power of giving an ego-boost! This metallic, tough looking accessory is sure to give that invincible feeling, much like the bulletproof Titanium feels and all that, perfect comfort-accessories for the rather sad rainy days.

Skater skirt, Damitan ni Antonia, Php180

Obviously, I’m still infected with the skater skirt fever! Already owning two, I still managed to buy myself this one! How can I resist when it’s this perfect, versatile black skater skirt! Plus, who can possibly resist this really low price? This is by far the cheapest skirt ever! This shop which is located inside UP campus, is a really great shop, selling not only skirts but hoodies, dresses and all sorts of tops too! All these in prices below Php300! Going back to my humble black skater skirt, it’s just the greatest deal. Since, black is the color classicism, there’s no way an untrained eye will guess that this piece of beauty is thrifted! Also, like all the pieces I appreciate in my wardrobe, this skirt is highly adaptive, great for any niche, be it the corporate jungle, or the casual safari.

Adding up all the prices of those pieces, I have a spent a total of Php under 5 weeks, for the Mid-Year sale. Not bad for 13 items! I bet that if I have purchased them at a different time, then I wouldn’t have garnered this many gorgeous products! Guess I’m glad I kept in mind the de rigueur practice of a wise shopper: take time to look for better deals, never settle for mediocrity, do not buy just for the sake of having bought something, be patient and hydrate before going to the mall!

So there you have it! Quite frankly, I think the Mid-Year sale isn’t over yet so I’m more than sure that there will be additions to this list soon! Wait for my upcoming updates!


Kristine Fabellon

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So I'm torn: to cut my hair or not to cut my hair? It's just that I feel like I'm attached to my long curls now. We've been through so much together already. *sigh* Help!

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